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Public Library
Uniontown Public Library
Detre Langhorne, Head Librarian
P.O. Box 637
Uniontown, Alabama 36786
(334) 628-6681 Phone, (334) 628-6683 Fax
  Uniontown Public Library has just moved into it's newly renovated and

remodeled building located on the corner of Water and Front Street in

downtown Uniontown.  Please stop by for a visit.  We hope that you will

inquire into many exciting programs and activities that are currently

underway at the library.  We have a Circulation Desk, Reading Area, and

a Computer Center in the library just to name a few areas.

   Uniontown Public Library is to provide the highest quality library

service to our citizens for life long learning, cultural enrichment and

enjoyment.  We have librarians who are experts at finding information for

you.  Whatever the subject of your question, our librarians will find an

answer or guide you to other sources of information that will help you.