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Uniontown Cares
What is Uniontown Cares?
   Uniontown Cares is a group of community residents working in a cooperative manner to promote effective
community collaboration and development.  We are a diverse group of citizens that care about Uniontown and
continue to work to make it a great place to live.  We meet regulary to discuss issues of importance to our
community.  We have been involved in numerous community projects and areas where we can offer our help.
e are an ever-growing and continually active group that welcomes your input and involvement.  For
information, contact the Uniontown City Hall at 334-628-2011.

Uniontown Cares' Mission Statement:
   Uniontown Cares is an organization open to all citizens of Uniontown, Alabama who desire to make their town
a better place to live.  We are committed to developing trust in each other, supporting one another, collaborating
with government and nonprofit agencies, educating citizens, promoting business, and building community.  We
take pride in our initiative and believe through action and working together we can make a difference to
improve the quality of life in Uniontown; which is a great place to live.

This is just a small sampling of some of our activities:
*A community playground cleanup
*A float in the Uniontown Christmas Parade
*A skills/resource directory
*A historic Christmas Open House
*Establish regular AA meetings
*Creation of a Uniontown Cares logo for t-shirts
*T-shirt distribution
*Uniontown photo display
*Creation of the Uniontown website
*Worked to obtain computers for the public library
*Local cemetery cleanup
*Obtained an AED machine for the fire department
*Daffodil bulb sale
*Downtown beauitication and revitalization
*Phone cards for troops serving oversees
*Spaghetti supper to benefit fire department
*Gift baskets for nursing home residents
*Arbor Day tree planting at Uniontown Elementary
Photographs of Events: